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Learn about how VMAC uses CallMyDoc to improve your experience

CallMyDoc Offers Better After Hours Communication

CallMyDoc is a new service that will help ensure your after hours messages reach a doctor right away and are taken care of quickly!

When you call our office after hours, you will reach the CallMyDoc service.  The service will ask for your date of birth and verify your identity.  You will then choose the purpose of your call from a list of options.  Once you leave us your message, your message is sent directly to the clinician on call.  At the same time, a Patient Case is created in your medical record.

The clinician can then respond to your message and take action on your needs.  The clinician may call you back directly.  They can also send you a voice message or fill prescriptions.  If your issue isn't resolved, CallMyDoc will prompt you to add more information.

Everything that happens after hours is documented in your medical record so that the clinician and our staff can ensure that your needs are met, whether it's that night or the next day.

We hope you find the system better than a traditional answering system.  If you have any problems, please call the Office Manager at (956)631-5411 during regular business hours.