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Telemedicine Information

Learn about VMAC's telemedicine services

VMAC now offers Virtual Visits!

You don't always need to come to the office to have a visit with us!  During the Covid pandemic, we are using Virtual Visits for most of our visits.  Before your visit, look for a text message with a link to your Virtual Visit.  You can use any smartphone or computer with a web browser.  Just click the link and you're quickly connected to your virtual visit. It's really that easy!  Below, we have made a video that shows you just how easy it is to connect with us for your medical visits.

Of course, not all visits work well through Virtual Visits.  During your virtual visit, your clinician will assess your condition and decide whether or not you need to come in to the clinic for an in-person evaluation.

Until the pandemic is better contained, please don't come to the office for visits unless you are specifically instructed to do so.  We will keep updating this page as well as our Facebook page so you can stay informed on our procedures.